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Reading Room High and Low

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This was going to be my entry for a local photo contest in the digitally altered category but it was due three days ago.

This is partially based off of many a classic riddle which begins with hypothetically being in a room with no doors or windows. This is also of course after an Escher print. can anyone name which one?

Created from portions of two transverse equirectangular panoramas, one of which was taken by holding a tripod to the ceiling. Don't try viewing this in an immersive viewer though, it's not 360x180 degrees (cropped for composition's sake)

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  1. Josh Sommers 75 months ago | reply

    Great work Dave, you really nailed it and I'm totally jealous! I've been trying to come up with a way to reproduce this aspect of Up and Down for a long time. Kudos!

  2. alexispz 75 months ago | reply

    Very nice indeed ! It's as mind boggling as the original Escher print !

  3. manyone1 75 months ago | reply

    fascinating! i'm totally impressed!

  4. Seb Przd 75 months ago | reply

    I think a transverse cylindrical or transverse Mercator would have been better - but this would make it too awesome and our heads would explode in jealousy.

  5. dmswart 75 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone.

    Seb, I just tried cylindrical and Mercator, but the lamp and the mirror on the right side just dominated the photo. Miller's projection was better, but not perfect. The proper thing would have been to have the left side emptier so that it could be cropped away, the way the right side is cropped. Next time.

  6. mjswart 75 months ago | reply

    Very awesome. You pulled it off.

  7. mcswart 75 months ago | reply

    That's great Dave!

  8. Josh Sommers 66 months ago | reply

    This is still one of my all time favorites.

  9. dmswart 66 months ago | reply

    It's very special to me too. The best photos have people in them. But often I'm too shy to "impose a scene" on people.

    I've featured it on slide 12 of 20 in my upcoming ignite talk. You're welcome to come if only I can get that d@mn transporter of mine working.

  10. Seb Przd 66 months ago | reply

    If you can get it to work, can I come too?

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