• Is this how Time Ladys tell time? - Mistertannerjeff
  • Yes. :)
  • Dalek clock courtesy of nvaine.
  • Jammie Dodgers card courtesy of Deb Byczko.
  • Cardiff postcard courtesy of nvaine.
  • 10th & 11th Doctor bears courtesy of Nicky.
  • River Song bear, not as good as Nicky's.
  • 10th & 11th Doctors & TARDIS, in case you can't tell what it is. :)
  • Remote link to TARDIS console.
  • Sonic screwdrivers are just down there, between the counter and the console. Can't see them, but I keep them handy. Never know when I'll need one, after all.
  • Want one?
  • "Plain" old phone. Appropriate for a TARDIS so the casual passer-by will think this is just your kitchen. - Mistertannerjeff
  • Precisely so! Well noted, Mr. Tanner! :)

Kitchen Who

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Doctor Who is slowly but surely taking over my kitchen.

You can't see them here, but there are also three sonic screwdrivers beside that computer. After all, doesn't EVERYONE keep a few sonic screwdrivers in the kitchen?

  1. Mistertannerjeff 34 months ago | reply

    Everything is so precise and orderly.....not unlike the kitchen you would expect to find on Gallifrey.......Hmmmmmm.

    Is there something in your Flickr profile that you are not revealing to us here?

  2. DM Rosner 34 months ago | reply

    Spoilers. ;)

  3. DM Rosner 34 months ago | reply

    When I checked this a moment ago, it had 11 views and 11 notes. How appropriate.

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