All Better Now...Or Something Like That

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    A few months ago, my laptop was having issues. Dell repaired it.

    Yep, the green lines down the monitor are gone.

    The new ones are white.


    1. nvaine 77 months ago | reply

      Welcome to Dell Hell.

      By the way, thank you. You did me a favor the last time this happened when Dell took over a month to repair your laptop on the "next day" plan.

      Thanks to you, I bought an HP.

    2. DM Rosner 77 months ago | reply

      Glad to be of service.

    3. BarackYoMama 77 months ago | reply

      that reminds me of this satirical look at the world of Dell Technical Support:

    4. Mistertannerjeff 77 months ago | reply

      Um, I'm running a desktop Dell. This isn't contageous or anything is it? I mean I wouldn't even begin to know where to take its temperature or anything like that with all of those orafices on its backend.

      And did your's come with the optional "turn your head and cough" key? Mine did. But then I am pretty sure "Dell" is a guy's name. You will have to keep that in mind when the time comes that you're finally fed up with him and decide to strategically place one of your knees. Dell's tech support may be a guy but I'm sure he will squeal like a girl when you decide enough is enough.

      Please let me know how this turns out. (The repair, NOT the knee!)

    5. DM Rosner 77 months ago | reply

      No, no, it's not contagious. I have a Dell desktop, too (hence this reply), which doesn't seem to care that the other one is losing its mind.

      I will definitely keep you posted. The part has (supposedly) shipped out from Dell to the tech, who (supposedly) will call me by sometime tomorrow to schedule my on-site service. I'll try to avoid holding my breath in anticipation.

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