Blue Contract Graduates
Congratulations to our newest BLUE graduates! In 2012, DMPS announced an alternative contract for teachers that included a free Master’s degree. Partnering with Drake University, the degree is part of what’s now known as the BLUE contract (for Building Leaders in Urban Education). Graduates earn a M.S.E. in Culturally Responsive Leadership and Instruction, a degree jointly developed by Drake and DMPS to support teachers and educations leaders in urban districts like Des Moines. This weekend the second cohort of graduates were presented with their diplomas at Drake’s Winter commencement. To date, 84 DMPS educators have earned their Masters degree under the BLUE contract, and more than half now hold leadership roles within their school or the district.

Before graduating on Saturday, December 15th, the DMPS BLUE contract teachers showcased their classroom-based research projects at the Drake University Collier Scripps building.
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