• Idling in the right turn only lane.
  • I could? What a wishy-washy, non-committal way to advertise.
  • I almost got run over by a taxi trying to read all this legal disclaimer text.
  • Not even the type of parking meter used in NYC. - Triborough

They don’t even have parking meters in midtown

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Nice try, though.

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  1. pmarella 104 months ago | reply

    this is awesome. Great work!

  2. Triborough 104 months ago | reply

    Visual and air polution in one vehicle!

  3. dM.nyc™ 104 months ago | reply

    There were a whole bunch of them lined up on this block. Truck billboards should be banned. Talk about a worthless concept and an incredible waste of fuel.

    I'm glad I work in the interactive design industry.

  4. nudge_the_cat 99 months ago | reply

    hey - got to love marketting ideas! they pay the rent

  5. Canadian Pacific 96 months ago | reply


    Welcome to the Banking in Photos group! Yeah, I agree with you, when the banks try so hard to sell us an idea, it's usually rotten!

    Thanks for adding the photo. I lack photos from American banks big time!

    Swire/ C P

  6. dM.nyc™ 96 months ago | reply

    Shouldn't be a problem for me to find more. NYC is full of them. I just saw an ad for Washington Mututal offering Free Range Checkin'. No joke.

  7. Triborough 96 months ago | reply

    I saw the Washington Mutual Free Range Checkin' and was dumbfounded. I think the reason they have to do these stupid things is because there are too many bloody banks.

  8. Canadian Pacific 96 months ago | reply

    dM.nyc & Triborough,

    Free Range Checkin'?! Oh My Lord! Is it organic and does it taste better than those other checkins???!

    Not sure if the product name is catchy (speaking of catching checkin's) or dumb!

  9. dM.nyc™ 96 months ago | reply

    And here it is, in all its glory:

    Checkin’ shit

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