^ Mount Nageli: Stars over the Alps ^

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    Mount Nageli ( 2165m) is more or less unfamous. It is located westwards of the famous Churfirsten mountain chain and eastwards of the easily accessible Leistkamm (2101m). Walking alongside the Toggenburger Hohenweg you get to the feet of the mountain at 1820m. You have to walk over a boulder field first, and then along a steep meadow/moss slope. This T3 categorized way get’s the last out of you. It’s really exhausting. The summit has only occasional visitors. The last entry in the guest book of the summit cross was in February 2011 – three months ago.
    I have chosen mount Nageli because of all the summits around it has the best 360° view and you can see the Churfirsten tops in one row. If you do such a ascent, you have to stay for a while. I get up in the evenings, stayed during the night to take pictures and get down in the morning.

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    1. Vangelis Feleris 46 months ago | reply

      Nice! I need to learn how to remove noise from star shots just like the way you do it!

    2. seven swans studios 46 months ago | reply

      This is so breathtaking. I hope one day i will have the opportunity to see something like this in my life time and better yet, Photograph it! How long was this exposure? The colors are beautiful :)

    3. dmkdmkdmk 46 months ago | reply

      Thank you! The overall exposure time was 800s at aperture 1.4 and ISO 1250. The image is a neoHDR, so I used multiple exposures to get this. Unfortunately you won't be able to see those colors with the naked eye, because the human eye only sees black and white in low-light conditions.

    4. seven swans studios 46 months ago | reply

      Thanks for writing back! Well, the colors are still out of this world :) Glad you were able to share this with us all.

    5. F/Chris 46 months ago | reply

      This is wonderful. I like this one better than the one where the stars have become streaks.

    6. Vangelis Feleris 46 months ago | reply

      13 minute exposure? Do you use a less exposured image for the sky in order to "avoid" startrails? I am really curious how your neoHDR technique works!

    7. dmkdmkdmk 46 months ago | reply

      No. All exposures were used to build the sky part of the image. It should look like exposed for 13 minutes with a sky/auto tracking tripod at ISO40.

    8. Vangelis Feleris 46 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the answer!

    9. Charlotte Hua 45 months ago | reply

      These photos are fantastic!!

    10. Photo--Graphy [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

      Wow... Fantastic shot

    11. JPCardona 44 months ago | reply

      You are a nature lover!!!! youre very close to GOD!!!

    12. ĒTHANEA 40 months ago | reply

      I like the wide open space here! What a night view.
      Feel free to add this one here,

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