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This is a small village along the Aurlandsfjord and the Nærøyfjord (which are fingers of the world's largest fjord, Sognefjorden).


There's an interesting story behind this photo. I parked the car along the roadway (E16) and walked up the road to get a better vantage point. The road is quite narrow, with guard rails on each side. I decided that, if a car or truck were to come while I was on foot, I would simply step over the guard rail and wait on the shoulder until the traffic passed. As I was walking, a very large freight truck approached. Just as I had planned, I stepped over the guardrail to get off of the very narrow shoulder. Well, what I didn't plan for was the electric wire that was installed to keep the sheep off the roadway. I got zapped, which stunned me for a second. Then, I had no choice but to just stand up against the guard rail as the truck passed. This was pretty scary.

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Taken on June 28, 2011