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I got tagged by quite a few people. :)


1. I don't usually like straight-on selfies and I don't really like this one. My eyes look a bit weird. I look a bit weird.

2. I've seen Inception twice and wouldn't mind watching it a third time ;) If you haven't seen it, do it NOW! Reeeally.

3. I am going back to Melbourne tomorrow for the weekend. I can't wait!

4. I really want to get a job but I think I'm probably too picky.

5. (some) dubstup tracks aren't that bad, actually. It's better than a lot of other straight techno stuff out there.

6. I'm still really glad I didn't quit my 365. I need to be consistent with something in my life.

7. I'm trying to be more optimistic :)

8. I wish I could dance! Or be really good at something. Like a sport, maybe? I don't know.

9. I NEED LIGHTING GEAR. But it's so expensiveee :(

10. The shadowy bit under my chin ruins the shot :\


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Taken on July 29, 2010