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Kermit Snow Angel (1st Place Boston Globe) | by David Lee Tiller
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Kermit Snow Angel (1st Place Boston Globe)

Found my connection... A lover, a dreamer, me. Peace to all & goodwill DLT, Gwen, Ty, DJ & Kermit :O) Special thanks to Sammy and Sarah for the super cool rainbow necklace for Kermie! This photo was published in the Boston Globe (G Section) 27 January 2010


From Brian McCarty, judge for December 2009 photo contest;


"For the purposes of judging, I placed most entries into three broad categories:


• Narrative-based (the photograph is primarily focused on depicting the toy as a character)

• Still-life-based (the photograph is exploring the toy primarily as an object in a composition)

• Documentary-based (the photograph is primarily exploring the captured moment of real and imagined worlds blending)

"The most successful toy photographs, in my opinion, often build their foundation on one of these approaches, and then use elements from the other two to craft a unique perspective. The least successful photographs often focus too heavily on just one approach, or fail to communicate from a distinct perspective.


In his view, "Kermit Snow Angel," by David Lee Tiller of Nashua, achieved all three.


Brian's comment:


"As mentioned above, I believe that the most successful toy photographs combine elements from a variety of approaches. The winning entry does just that, and it does it very well. Kermit is captured in an imagined moment of play in the snow. He's clearly been placed into a manufactured scene, but it is so successful that it feels like a recorded moment of an actual character in the process of making a snow angel. The shot is simultaneously narrative and documentary while featuring a strong, stark compositional perspective often found in still-life. The concept is executed extremely well, and the finished result speaks for itself."



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Taken on December 21, 2009