Wasilla City Hall

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    Wasilla AK

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    1. underconsume 68 months ago | reply

      Oh God that's PRICELESS!!!!!!!

    2. bastetmax 68 months ago | reply

      Hilarious. Wasilla is the size of some high schools around Chicago, and the entire population of Alaska is about the size of some Illinois cities. Not too impressive from where I come from. Obama's campaign staff has more employees than Wasilla.

    3. gerard0402 68 months ago | reply

      Well, if we are comparing offices, this is Rufus, the most influential puppy blogger in the US, sitting in HIS office in Englewood, Ohio. www.puppyjournalism.com

    4. krenp 68 months ago | reply

      "You want fries with that?"

    5. frankscr 68 months ago | reply

      Oh you are all so smug and so much better than the rest of us...yours is bigger than hers...your Oreobama is so much smarter...he went to Harvard as an affirmative action guy...and he was a Senator who ran for prez for four years and did no legislating...and she is a nothing...whoops...she is ahead in the polls with white woman by 12 according to today's Newsweek and ahead by 15 with independent men...and 10 with likely voters...maybe the Oreo ain't so smart after all...the only supporters he has are 99% of the black voters and a couple thousand losers in their 40's and 50's who are living in rooming houses in college towns. Sarah and McCain have families...Oreo has no mama no papa and no brothers and sisters that he cares for, while Sarah's little girl spit combs her brothers hair...Oreobama and the college educated nobodies.

    6. dsmyre 68 months ago | reply

      @ frankscr:
      Sure, his two beautiful daughters, his lovely sister and grandma in Hawaii, they're just actors, right?.

      Palin & McCain and their yee-haw, we-don't-need-no-stinkin'-education supporters. Yup, yup! That's who I want talking to global leaders on my behalf!

    7. Friscocali 68 months ago | reply

      I see the "International Expierience Drive-Thru Window" was finally added.

      "I'll have a lesson on the difference between Sunni and Shia and a large Sprite."

    8. markhughesdc 68 months ago | reply

      Nice, we've got Palin supporters making racist "oreo" remarks about Obama, and another guy posting a bigger photo that he thinks is more impressive of the Wasilla City Hall Taco Stand & Hair Care Center. The only thing extra I see in that larger photo is what appears to be some type of garden -- now we know where Palin got her marijuana, I guess. The drive-thru-window is where folks can drop off books they stole from the public library, right?

      frankscr, YES we're all better than you, your VP was mayor of a large ATM machine and you're a racist. And for the guy who posted the image of Alaska's Capitol and said that's where she works now -- um, no, she mostly worked from HOME. Post a picture of her HOUSE if you want to try and say, "Yeah, but now this is her office." From a drive-thru to a living room, that's impressive. Yup.

    9. Letterman 68 months ago | reply

      So that's the building where Sarah learned all she needed to know about government that will prepare her for the role of Vice-President in the event she and McSame win the election?


    10. scorpi0 68 months ago | reply

      Sarah: "Hi, this is Sarah. May I take your order please?
      Customer: "Yes, I would like a mooseburger, fries and coke."

    11. crushing1 68 months ago | reply

      mooseburger and buffalo bugers are super-good, though!

    12. Oregonlahar 68 months ago | reply

      Can you see Russia from there?

    13. djcn0te 68 months ago | reply

      You might be surprised to learn that this photo was actually taken from Vladivostok.

    14. Maia C 68 months ago | reply

      I hope the people who reuse this photo include a disclaimer that they're not making fun of Wasilla for being a small town, only ridiculing Palin's claim that heading such an obviously small government shows she's qualified to run the entire country (since as VP, she'd have to be ready to be president Just In Case).

      Given what I've heard about Palin, I'm surprised she didn't use the earmarks she hired that big lobbying firm to get for Wasilla to tear down the original city hall and build a Mayoral Palace more suitable for her ego and ambition.

    15. Frankensugar 67 months ago | reply

      experience is not a building. she's been governor and mayor over people.

    16. PixelPerfect_ml 67 months ago | reply

      Wow reading over your comments shows just how ignorant the populist really is. The reason that the City hall is so small is do to the fact that there is only a little more than 8,000 people in the city. Wasilla is not the largest city in the state. She was one of the best Mayors the city has ever had, We are very lucky to have her as Governor. You all base your decision off what you see in the media. I strongly feel she would do just fine as VP, or President. markhughesdc I don’t know where you get your info from, but you need to check your facts before you start spreading rumors. If you lived in Wasilla, you would know she spent most of her time in the capital. That’s what drives me crazy, is how all you think you know everything. Just because you live in larger cities. Forget the fact that we control more oil and gold than any other state and most of the world. Granted those aren’t the only resource I’m just using them as an example. So you all need to check your facts, before you go spouting BS all over.

    17. subliculous 66 months ago | reply

      That's a 7-11.

    18. holiday_jenny 66 months ago | reply

      I feel really really sick right now.

    19. blacktanktops 66 months ago | reply

      T.R.R. - "she would do just fine as VP, or President", "we control more oil and gold than any other state and most of the world"

      Sorry "just fine" isn't good enough. One of the reasons our country is in the horrible mess we're in is due to our dependency on oil. Your little city and state adds to this mess.

    20. webmusher 49 months ago | reply

      The building used to be the Wasilla Middle School, and for a short time itshared the building with City Hall, then the New Wasilla Police moved into the south side of the building. The front desk, City Chamber and storage rooms were/are downstairs, Sarah's office upstairs and to the left, other city offices on the right. Now the City has the entire building as the Wasilla Police have their own building. I worked for the C.O.W. 4 years and was in the offices before and during Sarah's time as Mayor many times.

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