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Iceflow (Timelapse - HD 720p)

Timelapses of ice, a couple of real-time video clips mixed in. All the video and one of the timelapses were shot on a Nikon D90. The panning timelapses were shot on a Canon SD400 (I used the CHDK firmware "hack" and Ultra Intervalometer script to have it record photos at intervals, and a kitchen timer with tripod parts glued to it to pan the camera).

While I was out shooting for this video, my D90 broke off of the tripod and fell onto rocks and the lens and lens mount broke off! The lens is fine, front and back elements are unscathed and it autofucuses and takes pictures and stuff on my N80 no problem (I can't see them yet or anything because it's film...ugghhh). The camera still works in every way, except the metal lens mount broke off, the screws which hold it on ripped out of their threads, which are made of plastic (not so awesome). So I have all the screws and put them back in gently to re-attach the lens mount and put a lens on to see if the camera works. It does. I went to the camera store but it was closed for the day. Have to get it checked out, I think it's something that maybe can be fixed easily? I don't know, it's on there now but it won't support the weight of a big lens. All I need to do is get it attached again without messing anything up...maybe need to replace the plastic...maybe loc-tite...that would be ridiculous...hope it doesn't involve major stuff....cripes....what a day.

Anyway I was beginning to question the usefulness of all the little Canon compacts I have, but after today, I know I'll be keeping them around...forever. Great to have in the bag when you smash your other camera.

After I sort out the D90 I'm buying the heaviest strongest most expensive and biggest tripod in the world.

I shot these clips in the following locations: driving along Blackhead Road, Portugal Cove - St. Phillips, and Middle Cove Beach (all of these are places in Newfoundland, Canada). The boat you see is the Bell Island ferry.

The music is a song called "1000 Roads" by Sandy Morris and I have permission to use it. You can look at Sandy's website here:

You can buy the CD online here:


Video COPYRIGHT 2008/2009 Django Malone

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Uploaded on March 31, 2009