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Dorvack +++ 1:24 PAM-74 "Tinkle Bell" powered armor suit (Aoshima kit) | by dizzyfugu
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Dorvack +++ 1:24 PAM-74 "Tinkle Bell" powered armor suit (Aoshima kit)

After a long hiatus I dusted off my pile of Dorvack PA kits and stumbled upon this lonely PAM-74, a re-released kit, though, from one of the Aoshima double packs (from 2008).

Even though the Dorvack PAs are rather simple kits, they need some skill because the parts do not fit THAT well. However, you have to keep in mind that the molds were created in the early 80ies as a quick merchandising shot for a new "Real Robot" TV series (which eventually flopped). The designs are older than Yokoyama Kow's Ma.K./ZbV3000/Maschinenkrieger stuff, which they actually inspired!


I was missing an original PAM-74 in my collection, and so the kit was built straight out of the box with no conversions. Even the armament, the rocket launcher boxes on top of the hull and the slightly weird, handheld dual launcher with more rockets, are original.

The PAM-74 furthermore received its authentic livery in a uniform olive drab tone, with light grey upper arms and legs and a yellow hatch.


The green tone is Tamiya's "Khaki Drab" (XF 51), which might be a tad too light, but I wanted some contrast to the black elements all around the hull. The helmet was painted with Humbrol 69 (Gloss Yellow) while the grey parts were painted with FS 36414 (Flint Grey, Modelmaster 2037).


After basic painting of the major, semi-finished components everything received a wash with a mix of black and dark brown for weathering and highlighting edges and panel line engravings.

The the whole kit received a dry-brushing treatment, adding visual plasticity.


The decals come from the OOB sheet, and, once applied, a final, additional dry-brushing session was done. After a coat of matt acrylic varnish, dust and dirt were created with an artist pigment mix -partly mixed with matt varnish in order to simulate mud crusts, esp. around the feet.



A quick build, and the PAM-74 kit goes together with relatively little problems. Even though the Dorvack PAs in general appear to have only little detail and look rather toylike, their detail level is O.K. because of their large scale. Beyond their merchandising origin and weird mecha appeal, these kits carry lots of modelling potential, since they are a good basis for more: with some effort, you can do very creative things with them! Even if it is just weathering - the "realistic" look suits the PAM-74 well, despite the bright colors.


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Taken on June 24, 2018