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Macross +++ 1:100 Stonewell/Bellcom VFA-1J "CAS Valkyrie"; aircraft '36 Red' of the SVA-217 (Whif/Arii kit conversion) | by dizzyfugu
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Macross +++ 1:100 Stonewell/Bellcom VFA-1J "CAS Valkyrie"; aircraft '36 Red' of the SVA-217 (Whif/Arii kit conversion)

New pictures from an old kit - what would a Valkyrie look like which was specialized/modiefied for ground attack use? Well, here's my interpretation: the VFA-1J.


Inspired by a Russia-aircraft-inspired VF-4 with a very similar paint scheme (from the source book "This is animation, Special: MACROSS PLUS), this is a thorough VF-1J Fighter kit conversion.


In order to modify the supresonic fighter's profile and utility for low flight and high manoeuverability at ground level, a lot of (plausible) modifiactions were made, e. g. a completely new nose/cockpit (inspired by the MiG-27). The canopy is actually a reversed 1:72 canopy from an Italieri FW-190 kit, the cockpit inlcudes a pilot figure with seat belts now.


External modifications include an extended wing span, elongated side fins with ECM/radar warning pods, additional air intakes, chaff dispensers, mesh in front of the air intakes, enlarged nose and leg stabilizer fins.


Modified armament suits the air strike/CAS role: Besides the standard GU-11 gun pod, the VFA carries laser-guided Paveway bombs under the wings plus two pairs of additional air-to-ground missiles, in the class of the AGM-65 "Maverick" (these are actually Russian AA-1 missiles in 1:72 scale). Under the air intakes, two additional hardpoints carry missile launchers each. Zentraedi Tactical Pods, beware...


With all these changes, I decided that this "mutant" was worth a "VFA" designation, since the air-to-air fighter role will obviously not be the machine's main task anymore.


The two-tone wrap-around camouflage is made up from "mid stone" and "chocolate", two Humbrol tones (84 and 98, respectively) which come close to the original VF-4 picture in the source book. Check the red stars on the fins - these were adopted from the source book machine, too, since I found the idea so funny!


The small Follow-Me car is a so-called KraKa ("Kraftfahrzeug mit Kettenantrieb") in 1:100 scale from a long-goen German company called Roskopf - these vehicles originally used to be in German Bundeswehr service for airboren operations, but they make great service vehicles in the Macross universe ;)

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Taken on October 13, 2018