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Neon Genesis Evangelion [Doujinshi] 1:6 Reiko Sugiyama in plugsuit (kit conversion) | by dizzyfugu
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Neon Genesis Evangelion [Doujinshi] 1:6 Reiko Sugiyama in plugsuit (kit conversion)

A - in a double sense - fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion universe: Reiko Sugiyama, a young N.E.R.V. test pilot. And this time, it's even a second figure I built from this character I "invented" some time ago.


The original inspiration dates back to a kneeling 1:8 figure, which I converted from a "Asuka Soryu Langley in Plugsuit" kit as a kind of training - more or less a color variant, still in line with the Evangelion theme and spirit.


Again, this figure is a minor conversion of an Asuka-in-Plugsuit kit, but this time it's a 1:6 kit of an early plugsuit design version, which originally can be found in the source book "Der Mond".


As a side note, this basic kit was not OOB, I rather re-worked a used(!) kit that I was able to buy from the USA with only a littel price tag -pictures of the parts and the working process can be found in the respective WiP Set in my account.


The bright orange plugsuit variant was, to be honest, insipred by Star Wars' X-Wing Fighter outfits... The only other major change is a radical hairdo - the latter worked wonders!


As a contrast to the colorful suit and to inspire a timid character, I decided to go with some natural dark brown hair and give that character cold, bluish-grey eyes.



I very happy with the result. While this figure differs in some plugsuit details from the former 1:8 build, the overall look is IMHO very convincing and conclusive.


Another "one of a kind" doujinshi kit, and a nice distraction from many recent aircraft builds. ^^

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Taken on February 20, 2004