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Katie Blake! Explored #3!

Kurt Dressler Photography |LARGEEE


Nikon D80

50mm f/1.8


More in comments!


Another shot of Katie Blake! I got my 8th photo of my 365 done today and I managed to bang out some more edits of Katie Blake! This is one of the shots that I really liked, I might be editing more and If so I might post them, or just keep posting them in this ones comments, we will see!


Today I went to school, hung out with Mike and then his gf also all night and we went and saw the movie "The Social Network". I was pretty impressed with it, It got great reviews and I thought it was a very well done movie, I really enjoyed it. Sadly there was not a lot of people at the midnight release though, ha.


Let me know how you guys are feeling about this edit and such! I appreciate everyones constructive criticism! Now to find someone to shoot for tomorrow's 365 photo! I'm feelin' some natty light in focus this time!



AB800 shot through softbox camera right






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Taken on September 30, 2010