Bunnies, Bunnies, it Must Be Bunnies!
(...and Vampires, warriors and princesses, too!)

I'm Lea Hernandez, comicker, muralist, painter & That Person Who Draws the Bunnies. I've worked for Disney, Marvel, Image, DC Comics; painted a mural for a prestigious art museum in less than 40 hours (www.flickr.com/photos/divalea/sets/72157627977382353/); and will have my art featured in the Copic Marker 2012 catalog.

My contact email is divalea @ gmail . com.

These are drawings I did based on suggestions from my Twitter followers. (You can check my Twitter feed or follow me here: twitter.com/#!/thedivalea)

These drawings and nine more appear in the book "BUNNIES BUNNIES", which is available signed and with an original sketch from me for just $10. via PayPal to divalea @ gmail . com

Some of the original drawings in this set are for sale, check the title for the price/availability and email me (divalea@gmail.com) if you're ready to purchase because my art needs an awesome new home with you!

I take $25. sketch requests daily on Twitter; throw $25. my way using PayPal to divalea @ gmail . com, and I draw your bunny (girl, octopus, heroine) on high-quality 5" x8" paper on the spot, post it to Twitter (so you can squee/show it off right away) and mail you the original!

Bunny drawings make swell holiday gifts: you can brag you have or gave custom art from an award-winning Marvel/DC/Dark Horse/Image/Disney artist.
(I suppose you could brag about a 12-pack of tube socks from gramma too, but my art looks much nicer framed than a tube sock.)

My contact email is divalea @ gmail . com, get in touch!
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