"Daruma Every Day": 24 Hour Comic Day 2009 1st 24 Hour Comic Created on the iPod Touch
"Daruma Every Day" is the first 24 Hour Comic created entirely on an iPod Touch.

Writing, drawing, editing uploading and promoting were done using only a iPod 2G and iPhone apps.

The "Daruma Every Day" art was created using mainly Steve Sprang's "Brushes" app, with guest star apps Photo Finish, cool fx, Photo Forge and Pollock.
Writing was done on the iPod's native Notes app. Uploading was through the Flickr app, and the comics progress was shared via Twittelator.

This year's totally made with an iPhone 24 Hour Comic, "Jackwagon", can be found here: www.flickr.com/photos/divalea/sets/72157625080387098/
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