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WIZfm_xmitter.animated_320x240 | by Rev.. Dr. Disney Wizard
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Have you ever been to a lively cheerful Sing-A-Long and have some nasty old-biddy turn and snarl the evil-eye at you because she wanted to hear the show? Well, I have. I suppose gathering for movie-night is like going to a concert or participating in Rocky Horror Picture Show - to experience the like-minded audience. Bloody Well Right! "If you wanted to clearly hear Louis Armstrong sing then watch it at home and crank up your hearing-aid, BIOTCH!" is what I wanted to say. But instead I bought a transmitter and splitter so us movie-night folks could make audience-like responses and I'll gladly sell her a little dollar store FM radio with earbuds so she can drown us out.


I just hope that the next time she doesn't kick folks shins and wipe her Depends on their face to squeeze in front of ME! Please know the group around me will ruin your show and sit somewhere else, and bring a headset radio along.


It turns out the micro-transmitter is also perfect for "Silent Raves" where everybody who wants to dance drops in with their own nano-FM radio. Pick a channel of the three stages or dance to Spanish talk-radio. "Take That!" nasty neighbor, no noise laws broken here!


To-nite's broadcast brought to you by W I Z fm. 87.5

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Uploaded on September 25, 2014