MIDI-Street-Instruments, Kontraste Festival 2007
// Date: 6. October 2007-09-27
// Venue: Kontraste Festival, Krems, Austria

DISK/CTM and TodaysArt Festival from The Hague brought the project MIDi-Street Instrumenst to the 2007 edition of Austria’s Kontraste festival.

The festival in its fifth year focussed on „Strange Instruments“. The colorful 2007 edition arround the themes „Odd Orchestras“, „Magnetic Ladies“, „Strange Instrumenst“, „Asian Sound Workshop“ and „Trash ’n ‚Pop“ gatherd a fine line-up of experimental musicians and projects, including: Franz Hautzinger, Mitterer, Monolake & Lillevan, Dorit Chrysler, Diamanda Galas, Hans Reichel & Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Pierre Bastien, Bob Rutman, The Monks and others.

MIDI-Street-Instruments was an open-air free concert in front of the Klangraum Krems on Minoritenplatz. A mobile carillon (chime ensemble) comprising sixty bells, and two huge street-organs, embellished by flutes, an accordeon, drums and wooden percussion instruments, were computer-linked to create a stupendous orchestral sound installation. Under the aegis of Dutch sound artists, Remco de Jong, Edwin van der Heide and Florentijn Boddendijk compositions commissioned from international electronic and experimental musicians were be played on these traditional instruments. The mobile carillon is a rare and precious instrument, built by the world’s largest, and Europe’s most traditional bell-foundry, Koninklijke Eijsbouts in the Netherlands, which also manufactured the country’s oldest and most beautiful carillons, namely, those in Amsterdam and The Hague.

A computer relays the compositions as MIDI-data simultaneously to all three instruments and through triggering the various mechanisms of the instruments lets its resonating bodies to jangle, clash and bellow forth sound .

Featuring compositions by:
Kettel (NL), Otto von Schiriach (US), Edwin van der Heide (NL), Jean Jacques Perrey & David Chazam (FR), Venetian Snares (CA), Elitechnique (NL), Dijf Sanders (NL), Like A Tim (NL).

A collaboration project by TodaysArt Festival, The Hague, Kontraste Festival, Krems, and DISK/CTM, funded by the Fonds voor Amateurkunst en Podiumskunsten and the Embassy of the Netherlands.

More information:
> www.clubtransmediale.de
> www.klangraum.at
> www.todaysart.nl
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