Google Base

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    1. jimcollins 103 months ago | reply

      I've been looking for a place to store my database of protein structures, this is great!

    2. Tiago Bastos 103 months ago | reply

      AHAHHAHA, im coding a software like this... ch$@t

    3. hackobo 103 months ago | reply

      y ahora que? google va a lanzar marca de ropa, detergente?

    4. OVNIto 103 months ago | reply


    5. 103 months ago | reply

      Oops! acquisition and merger on the horizon....hmmm....will there??? :-)

    6. tetageddo [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      This idee is the best what ever i got. Thanks Google

    7. PeteGilbert 103 months ago | reply

      This is clever, it neatly sideswipes Microsoft's efforts to get us to store and search information locally - why bother when it can be done in a central location? You then have to start asking, why bother with a PC when you can use any device to create/access/search your data? Microsoft needs to gets its skates on now to catch up!

    8. jon madison 103 months ago | reply


      central locations can be annoying.

      flickr only has my pictures (and they *don't* have that--i keep them also locally, in their original sizes, 'cos flickr hasn't proven stability!) -- but with data...this whole "central server" thing still hasn't resonated greatly with me Just Yet.


    9. ashoe 103 months ago | reply

      This sounds like flickr & friendster & craigslist ... on STEROIDS!
      They better set us up the bomb soon - I can't wait!

    10. googlebasetalk 103 months ago | reply

      As an affiliate marketer – this will really take away from from my eBay commission business. Why? There are thousands of people like myself who target certain keywords using Google Adwords and make commission by linking to eBay to make a commission. Now I have a feeling those ads will be replaced with the Google Base Ads.

      This can be an interesting turn – perhaps Google will have some affiliate program?!

      I started a new forum where we can all discuss Google Base. I hope that you all join me in this!

    11. DGawf 103 months ago | reply

      Its about time that someone stood up to eBay. All their fees and screwing around are kicking out the little guys and only leaving room for big companies.

    12. jon madison 103 months ago | reply

      yeah dgawf! and google is a small company that is all about the little guy!

    13. mwray 103 months ago | reply

      google is a big company that's still all about the little guy.

    14. SeanDigs69 103 months ago | reply

      atleast thats what they want you to believe

    15. jon madison 103 months ago | reply

      </sarcasm off>

      (juust incase)

    16. ¥€$ 95 months ago | reply

      Yeup, tht's it :)

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