The photos of the trees on myforestfarm were created by the farmer Rodolfo Ferrer with a digital camera on a SD memory card. For conceptual reasons, the individual tree photos were burnt one by one on a separate compact disc. There are 1838 trees on myforestfarm, hence there are 1838 photos of trees and 1838 different CDs with the photos of trees in. The tree data is visible to the naked eye and its location can be identified as a ring at the center of the CD. Burning a CD-R with a tree photo is a materialization of a digital tree. This transformation of the real life tree into a new material form as a CD is the subject of these photos as it is symbolic for the carbon dioxide sequestration process.
The images are macroscopic photos of the CD surface, where the digital tree can be visually traced. The title of the photo is identical to the name and index of the original tree, the photo derives from (read the artistic concept here) Each photographic art work is offered for 10 Euro. The income feeds 100% into the fund to sustain myforestfarm.
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