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The Sustainable Digital Business: An Emergent Ecosystem

In these often-trying economic times, a tide of sometimes overwhelming change in technology and its disruptive consequences has begun rolling over our organizations. We've all seen it in the media, in our homes, at our workplaces. It's not too much to say that the entire landscape of how we work and live is steadily being transformed, one piece at a time. The root causes are fairly obvious because they're happening all around us: the Internet revolution, the smart mobile revolution, the social media revolution, the rise of the cloud, the vast new flood of information in our daily lives and the fact that we're getting more and more comfortable with technology being deeply embedded in our day-to-day activities, even if we don't always realize it. The same transformation is happening to businesses, just more slowly and often with a bit more turbulence.


However, the current pace of change is not-unsustainable and we don't have to be — and shouldn't be — passive bystanders in the process. There's a lot all of us can do, and done smartly, locally and proactively we can actually harness change as major drivers of opportunity and business value. As I've recently explored in the Big Five shifts in technology today (mobile, social, cloud, consumerization and big data), we can actually get out ahead and modify the way we think about metabolizing technology in the enterprise and applying it to long-standing and new business challenges both. I've previously suggested 10 strategies that will help organizations restructure how they apply technology to their organizations strategically. But as activities alone they are not enough. We have to change our thinking in a way that lets us focus on what's most important as we became true digital businesses.




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