Commemorative Collectables
The views here are of collectables we have created for a variety of causes.

More recently its Enamel Badges, previously promotional models.

Each of the models have used an original release, and adapted to suit the theme or occasion.
Usually these have been made with a view to be non-profit making, however some residue have been made available outside the membership for example therefore at a premium price.

1990-1992 Dinnages (MB38+Convoy)
1992 MMOC Fun Run (Corgi Morris Minor)
1993 STIG 10th (Lledo Box Truck)
1996 Brighton Mug Service 17 DPM01
2004 STIG 21st (OOC Bristol Lodekka)
2006 Banfields 150 (Corgi Thorneycroft)
2007 George 60 (EFE Guy Arab)
2018 Southdown PD3 Badge DPB01
2018 London Bendy Badge DPB02
2018 Southdown PD3 Mug DPM02
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