Siam Weed

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    Asteraceae (aster, daisy, or sunflower family) » Chromolaena odorata

    kroh-mo-LAY-na -- from the Greek chroma (color) and laina (cloak)
    oh-dor-AY-tuh or oh-dor-AH-tuh -- meaning, fragrant

    commonly known as: common floss flower, Siam weed, triffid weed • Hindi: बाग़ धोका bagh dhoka, तीव्र गंधा tivra gandha • Malayalam: കമ്മ്യുണിസ്റ്റ് പച്ച communist pacha

    Native to: tropical America

    References: Flowers of IndiaPIER species infoWikipedia

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