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Arka (Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi: अर्क) | by Dinesh Valke
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Arka (Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi: अर्क)

Asclepiadaceae (milkweed family), now within Apocynaceae (oleander or dogbane family) » Calotropis gigantea


commonly known as:

Bengali: আকন্দ aakanda • English: bowstring hemp, calotrope, crown flower, giant milkweed, swallow-wort • French: mercure végétal, mudar • Hawaiian: puakalaunu • Hindi: ak, akua, अर्क arka, akwan, fudhar, madar, सफ़ैद आक safed aak • Manipuri: angkok • Marathi: अर्क arka, अर्की arki, रुई rui, रुइटी ruiti • Sanskrit: alarka, अर्क arka, अर्की arki, सदापुष्प sadapushpa • Spanish: lechoso • Tahitian: tahinu • Tamil: எருக்கு erukku, மலையெருக்கு malaiyerukku • Telugu: జిల్లేడి పువ్వు jilledi puvvu, జిల్లేడు jilledu, నల్లజిల్లేడు nallajilledu, ఉచ్చింత uccinta, ఉచ్చిత uchchinta



Arka or Arki (Sanskrit: अर्क or अर्की): meaning sun, fire, flame.

The Arka plant, in poetic literature apparently referred to wedge-like shape of its leaves, the leaf often used for offering oblations to Fire.


Derived from Sanskrit in Marathi and Hindi, besides being associated with C. gigantea, other meanings are spirit or essence; extract, essential oil, spirituous liquor.


Arka is also a common name for C. procera

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