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Ganesha needs your dollar... | by Dilip Muralidaran
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Ganesha needs your dollar...

As a foreword let me declare that Im not trying to be argumentative, racist or accusing anyone or any race or any sect of people about anything. Im merely trying to bring out perspectives that may help us all to move ahead in a better fashion for better times.


I recently commented on a Flickr members stream. They had beautiful pictures and one of them was that of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. I told them that she was not the saint that she seems to be and there are loads of problems with her and that she is a criminal. I ended up with an email response calling me sick and black at heart and being blocked. Nothing unexpected as such, an atheists life is hard trying to prove religious bigots and being called an animal all the time. I'm so used to this by now, i have a thick skin.


This episode made me think of one thing which significantly affects how false saints and religious bigots work out of India and how powerful they become. Its very simple. It all comes out of foreign exchange money. Hence I would like to make a small request to every foreigner who comes to India or wants to come to India.


India is a land of varied spiritualism and a meadow of religions and culture. It is understood from my personal experience and from other available documentation this really fascinates the foreigner or to not sound so politically correct but technically correct, the white man. Just like in the western world you have criminals like Benny Hinn you need to understand that India being a mountain load of spirituality has more of this than you can ever possibly imagine.


The reason why I stress is because your one dollar makes 45 Indian rupees approximately. Your one pound makes 80 Indian rupees approximately. If you give this dollar or this pound to an orphanage and feed the poor, well and good. You qualified yourself to be an extra ordinary human being. However if you give this dollar to a prick who runs schools, colleges, hospitals and other business in the name of spirituality your wonderful heartfelt intentions of helping the poor brown man is just not going to work, in fact it works exactly the other way around.


There are thousands of spiritual things you could do as a theist in India when you come here. My sincere request to you is don’t give money to any charitable institution that runs on the basis of a saintly man or a woman. None of this money reaches the poor man. It goes in to building colleges, schools, engineering colleges, universities, hospitals all for business to make money in the name of spiritualism.


Classic examples are Shirdi Sai Baba, Amma, Kalki and so on. If you drop a dollar into the hundi of a roadside Ganesha temple such as this one, it would at least feed a poor priest who looks after the temple. Think about what I’ve said here, it makes a difference even though I may sound sick a person to many of you for speaking the truth about Amma, Sai Baba and other such underground dons running drug rolls and porn flicks.


Truth is very bitter to swallow, as we all know. Claude Renault has wonderful pictures of Naga Baba, they hardly wear clothes, smoke ganja and meditate and need no money. They are real saints, Amma or Sai Baba who travel in a Mercedes Benz S Class clearly aren't.


Canon EOS 400D with the Canon EF 50MM F/1.8 II. Aperture Priority, F/8 at 1/100th of a Second.

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Taken on March 16, 2008