Indiana Northeastern Railroad
Over the last 20 plus years I have been able to catch the INER busy serving the customers and at other times rebuilding or repairing the physical plant of the railroad, As much as things seem not to change over time change is inevitable ! The last couple years have brought much change to the railroad as the section that crossed Steuben County IN has been replaced with new SDI 115# stick rail and the road has been rebuilt from the ballast up and over recent years much drainage work has been done on the ROW.
An approx. 20 mile section was lifted between Snow Prairie Road west of Coldwater MI to Big Hill Road east of Sturgis MI,
The largest customers on this line is North Central Cooperative in Coldwater MI, the Anderson's in Reading MI, Klink Materials in Ashley Indiana, K-Tech in Ashley Indiana, South Milford Grain in South Milford Indiana, Edon Grain in Edon Ohio and Edon Agronomy in Edon Ohio. Agriculture is KING on this railroad.
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