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Dreaming a Dark Dream | by Three D Photography
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Dreaming a Dark Dream

Falling to the ground hard, I see the dark skies close in over me. I do not know what has overcome me, only that I have no feeling, can offer no resistance to the forces at work against me. I can feel their evil teeth gnashing and gnawing at the exposed flesh of my arms and neck, feeling the pain of their bites, although I see no wounds, no blood, no lacerated flesh.


I hear their insistent growls about me as they gather in force, growing in numbers by the minute. I can smell the stench of their foul breath, the nasty odor of their urine as they prance and dance excitedly around me. I can hear the maddening howls as the moment of their intent draws nigh. I feel that my time has come to call on my maker for forgiveness, although given my choices in life, I feel that may be far beyond the merciful heart of any god.


As I close my eyes to brace myself for certain doom, I feel a fresh and cooling breeze blow about me, kicking up the autumn leaves in a whirlwind around me. I hear the scamperring of rabid feet, the winces and whines of animals in fear running quickly away. Risking a glance about me, I notice that all the demon-beasts have fled, the air suddenly purified with the scents of autumn. The skies part slowly above my head as I sense the feelings of my limbs returning. And in my mind I hear her voice say to me, "Fear not, my love, for no harm shall ever befall you. I am with you always."



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Taken on October 23, 2010