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    A series of drawings and quotes on napkins put in my daughters' lunches for jr. high and high school every day over a 5 year period.

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    1. meg_to_the_max 108 months ago | reply

      ohmygod. this is my favorite on yet. I love it I love it!!!! It's so true.

    2. Make Studio | Marty Coleman 108 months ago | reply

      I agree! I long ago realized that on virtually every single day of my life I had seen a beautiful woman sometime during that day. Beauty is not the rarity. Beauty, grace and goodness...THAT is the rarity and is more precious and joyful to see when it comes along than the surfaces of a million starlets.
      It is no less true or precious among men as women.

    3. prima momma 108 months ago | reply

      I am so digging this. The fact that you not only put these wonderful, funny, touching, insightful works of art into your daughter's lunch, but that you actually saved them. More proof that you are some kind of alien being. I mean that in a good way of course :)

    4. Make Studio | Marty Coleman 108 months ago | reply

      Thanks Prima! You read the story of how I ended up saving them, right? If not, check out the story at the set, ok?

    5. prima momma 108 months ago | reply

      I just read the story. It gets me on so many levels. 1) Because you were caring and talented enough to make the napkins in the first place, which is something, I hate to say, most people don't expect a Father to do, so 2) It just exemplifies how connected Fathers can be to their children. (I'm sure you know that in our culture at least the parental roles are pretty rigidly defined. Moms are the ones that are supposed to make apple pies and make the lunches etc. Which, as you can imagine I think is utter b.s., and love when someone breaks the mold and proves that being a Mother or a Father is not necessarily defined by gender or paternal titles.) Bottom line: you were a kickass Dad...present, connected, and loving.
      Let's see 3) I think you've also nailed something that is universally heartwarming, because it speaks about the very nature of human beings wanting to be loved and appreciated, whether it's a daughter finding a napkin in her lunch, or a father discovering they were saved and cherished for years. It's come the tears again. I guess for number 4) this connects with me, because my daughter started kindergarten this year, and I started putting napkins in her lunchbox. Nothing nearly as amazingly artistic as yours, but simple messages like, "Happy Monday" or "I hope you get to play in the sunshine today." Or simply, "I love you." But, it somehow makes her feel special, and I think that's what every child deserves. Every person deserves.
      So, there you've done it. You've nailed *it* and touched so many people in the process.
      Myself included.
      Thank you.

    6. Make Studio | Marty Coleman 108 months ago | reply

      It really is about being a person who loves and does their best to find elements of joy to give to those you can love.

      It really is about finding joy in the doing.

      Thank YOU Prima!

    7. hdemmon 108 months ago | reply

      i agree with prima wholeheartedly. i love these so much.

    8. Make Studio | Marty Coleman 108 months ago | reply

      Thanks hd, I am glad you do.

      Now if I can just get it together to find a publisher...

    9. rufie c 107 months ago | reply

      wonderful quote!

      but why does it seem that beauty is so lacking in men. much less grace... :(

    10. Make Studio | Marty Coleman 107 months ago | reply

      I don't know, there are some pretty incredible male beauties, but overall I think you are right. 'tis a mystery. But wait until I lose that next 10 pounds and take a pic, THEN you will see an Adonis, for sure! LOL

    11. rufie c 107 months ago | reply

      LOL... yes, please do that and shame Adonis! ;)

    12. plfoxx 86 months ago | reply

      That is so cute!

    13. mmlobster 86 months ago | reply

      My mom did this for me too!!! Glad to know other kids got messages in their lunch :-D

    14. Make Studio | Marty Coleman 86 months ago | reply

      The best part of sharing this story is hearing from others who have great memories, or are creating the memories, of sharing ideas, love, drawings, notes, and creativity with their children or having it from their parents.

    15. eyewashdesign: A. Golden 86 months ago | reply

      I'm with prima momma - simply, WOW!
      I subscribed to your blog & look forward.
      In the meantime, it's my wish that you add
      each napkin to eyewash design to share with even more people!

    16. Ἐπίκουρος 86 months ago | reply

      What a great dad you are! :D

    17. eyewashdesign: A. Golden 86 months ago | reply

      the Guardians of Eyewash
      Thanks for adding this fantastic image to
      eyewash design. We took care of this one
      for you, but In future, kindly help two old
      geezers & remember to tag. Well done!

      -the D-Man & Aunt Vee

    18. eugenio gp [deleted] 82 months ago | reply

      this is also quite good... good drawing and quote!

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