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Peacock | by Richard Digimist
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Peacocks how do you make them look different from the thousands on the net. They all look the same! I needed to use the fantastic colours to full effect to give the image a striking effect. Hyper saturation and a ton of contrast worked for me. To me at least, it looks like a bird in a 3D tunnel of colour.


Many of the brilliant colours of the peacock plumage are due to an optical interference phenomenon (Bragg reflection) based on (nearly) periodic nanostructures found in the barbules (fiber-like components) of the feathers.

Different colours correspond to different length scales of the periodic structures. For brown feathers, a mixture of red and blue is required: one colour is created by the periodic structure, and the other is a created by a Fabry-Perot interference peak from reflections off the outermost and innermost boundaries of the periodic structure.

Such interference-based structural colour is especially important in producing the peacock's iridescent hues (which shimmer and change with viewing angle), since interference effects depend upon the angle of light, unlike chemical pigments.


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Taken on April 6, 2009