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into the light

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Taken with Samsung NX10

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  1. c.nix 63 months ago | reply

    crop it 4x5 (losing the left) and straighten it, and I'm in. till then,

    -Voted "uncool" (from The Icebox)

  2. Edson_Matthews 63 months ago | reply

    What he /\/\/\ said.

    --voted uncool2

  3. prb10111 - awol 63 months ago | reply

    Works for me.


  4. cwxyz75 63 months ago | reply

    Oh, why couldn't you have straightened it, why?


  5. NAHppy 63 months ago | reply

    Does need maybe 2° clockwise rotation, but not enough to kill it


  6. rose_peacock 63 months ago | reply

    something about it i like.

  7. JordyR 63 months ago | reply

    Too much on top. Too dark. Too ordinary


  8. Generator Photography 63 months ago | reply

    This is one where the overall effect trumps any technical deficiencies. It's dark, moody, it evokes not just the spirit of the place (those barren surfaces) but also invites the viewers curiousity about the space and subjects. It leaves me liking what I see, but wanting even more, and that's always cool


  9. j / f / photos 63 months ago | reply

    pretty cool...but sadly tilted


  10. Daniel Kulinski 63 months ago | reply

    I've changed title - but vote is a vote.

  11. swissrolli 63 months ago | reply

    not bad at all but i can't help feeling this should be cropped down. maybe crop of the left and right to a square would have more impact?


  12. Daniel Kulinski 63 months ago | reply

    correct observation, but made and shown. I think next time frame otherwise.

    It is M - underground, metro, subway.

  13. Edson_Matthews 63 months ago | reply

    I wasn't using/inventing letters. I was pointing above me. Like this /\/\/\/\

  14. Daniel Kulinski 63 months ago | reply

    Aaa he said about Buka. It is character from cartoon:
    and I wrote truth - as heard :)

  15. floyka 63 months ago | reply

    I like the comp and the processing. And I dropped 5 notes on here to check the edges, and everywhere I looked it was straight.

    -Voted "cool6" (from The Icebox)

  16. Cheewy 63 months ago | reply

    Nice shadows!! but it desperately needs a crop

    -Voted "uncool7" (from The Icebox)

  17. MiltonDonKeynes 63 months ago | reply

    too far away for the subject- cropped tighter might have made it? uncool

  18. jakerome 63 months ago | reply

    Bummer dude! Send it to the muck.

    As CLC might say, get yer next one ready!!!

  19. .drew (Andrew Kelly) 61 months ago | reply

    Awesome B&W shot! Great contrast and tones. Great Work!

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