The Surface

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    Best effect at oryginal size :) or in Large but watch yours eyes

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    1. Markus Moning 66 months ago | reply

      Great pattern!

      (from 1-2-3 B&W)

    2. Maciek Lesniak 66 months ago | reply

      A teraz odbiegne od tematu: po co ci te wszystkie awardowe grupy, przyznam ze jak widze pod zdjeciem same takie komentarze to, az mi sie nie chce jechac na sam dol zeby wpisac koment!
      A fota zajebioza!!!!!
      Instant fave!

    3. Daniel Kulinski 66 months ago | reply

      Myślę o usunięciu "nagród"

    4. o!a 66 months ago | reply

      nooooo! pełna klasa! zaje... dobre!

      za Maćkiem: przeszkadzacze w takiej ilości są feeee, mało treści, dużo bałaganu =)

    5. Daniel Kulinski 66 months ago | reply

      Znalazłem dwa rozwiązania na "nagrody"
      1. Drastycznie - wy... się z części grup awardowych, inni sami mnie wyrzucą.
      2. Znalazłem skrypt GM który chowa zbędne komentarze. :) i teraz zostały tylko 4 + 18 ukrytych.

    6. arte mix 65 months ago | reply

      Superb effect !!!

    7. *ch3rylised* 65 months ago | reply

      loving this! got here from DPS.

    8. Jeananne Martin 64 months ago | reply

      That's pretty cool~! I like how it seems to move as you scroll the page up & down. Fun~! Very imaginative. :)

    9. daveish182 62 months ago | reply

      cool enough


    10. available_photons 62 months ago | reply

      I could see this as a print in a modern kitchen or the background to a cooking blog. It does really neat things when you scroll...


    11. Still The Oldie 62 months ago | reply

      Not enough dof. The symmetry achieved is impressive, but the image is about the neat surface, of which you have too little in focus...

      -Voted "uncool" (from The Icebox)

    12. TrippingBilly84 62 months ago | reply

      there are focus issues with this, but not enough for me to change my mind that this shot is cool


    13. Edson_Matthews 62 months ago | reply

      Do I see a tiny signature down there? *reaches for uncool button*

      Nah, I like this one.

      --voted cool4

    14. cwxyz75 62 months ago | reply

      Cool enough for me.


    15. .Zickie. 62 months ago | reply

      Strangely, I like this more than I thought I would.

      The pattern is dizzying.

      -Voted "cool6" (from The Icebox)

    16. Generator Photography 62 months ago | reply

      Op Art is usually cool, and this is no exception, well done


      (but, seriously, do you need so many frickin' tags? "encumbrance"? Really?)

    17. CLCsPics 62 months ago | reply

      well, that was quick...get yer next one ready...

      * Main Entry: cool
      * Pronunciation: \ˈkül\
      * Function: adjective

      1 : moderately cold : lacking in warmth
      2 : marked by steady dispassionate calmness and self-control
      3 : lacking ardor or friendliness
      4 : facilitating or suggesting relief from heat
      5: (slang) very good : excellent; hip
      6: this photograph, according to The Icebox

      You are now invited to Stick it to The Fridge!

    18. Daniel Kulinski 62 months ago | reply

      No more signatures :)

    19. 59 months ago | reply

      bardzo ciekawe... jak i cały set zresztą

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