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    This is ‘Cindy’ magazine. What might one glean of the storyline from the cover? One sees a young buxom gal, no doubt the aforementioned Cindy, engaged in a high-spirited telephone conversation with an unknown party called simply, “Goldie.” It may be that Goldie is her Doctor, or her Dentist, or her Optometrist—we will never, ever know. Cindy’s snippet of dialogue is something like, “Nevermind Goldie! Talk your ass off!” Which leads one toward the feeling that Goldie may be a great one for talking and hence a close friend and maybe someone in a medical profession, likely foreign-born.

    To Cindy’s right sits a young man who carries a most startled and worried expression. One may assume that he has been waiting his turn to speak to Goldie and is alarmed to hear that Cindy has decided to further monopolize the call. Or perhaps he had already spoken to Goldie briefly, turned the phone over to Cindy with a promise of just a “quick hello” and now sits on this lumpy green couch, in a beleaguered state, waiting and waiting for a chance to ask Goldie for advice regarding his boils or his squint or his limp or his withered gums or his wheeze or his angry rash or the headaches and the voices and the blackouts. Waiting and waiting. We will never know this either.

    It’s just possible that this happens all the time. The young man is a hypochondriac; Cindy is well aware of this and refuses to waste Goldie’s time with his “phantom shooting eye-pains”, or “black-mist sneezing fits.” Goldie may have even forbidden Cindy from putting the young man on the phone calling him crude names and intimating knowledge of long rumored physical short-comings. We don’t know.

    Lastly, and this seems very likely; the young man is awaiting a prognosis from Goldie, but nerves got the better of him and Cindy had to take the call. He sits in dread waiting for the diagnosis. Will he have time left to learn the Inuit throat singing and seal hunting and lacrosse? But Cindy drags it out. Perhaps she is just being kind. Or stalling for time..trying to think of a way to tell him. We will never know.

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    1. richardzx 114 months ago | reply

      --the voices and the blackouts.(an important clue)

      Cindy may be coy--but, she is in DEEP trouble--& her sadistic ways will soon come to an end.

      The young man (his rash isn't his only anger)(& his embarrassment only FUELS HIS RAGE) is about to make a move.

      & Goldie will hear it over the line.

      Cindy's last phone-call--BLUDGEONED even as she SPEWED HER VENOM!

      Goldie had the good sense to hang-up & go to bed.

    2. dickuhne 114 months ago | reply

      A valid, and thoughtful interpretation, Richard, I thank you

    3. piggyop [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

      Is she wearing a bra?

    4. dickuhne 114 months ago | reply

      A very good question, sir.
      The answer would have to be yes--but a magical sort.

    5. piggyop [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

      I concur.

    6. Paula Wirth 114 months ago | reply

      This is fab - you really should add this to the "As She Was" Pool - it would be a splendid addition.

    7. dickuhne 114 months ago | reply

      thank you, PW, I did

    8. epiclectic 74 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cheesecake Phone Sex, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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