Special Moments in Rome Trip
到達羅馬是11月23日,當日Master Milletti便安排了按摩給我們,Dickson的是Thai Massage,Judy 的是推油Massage,但由於女按摩師有事換了男的,又需寬衣做,Judy怕尷尬所以去了上Francesca (Master Milletti的老婆)瑜伽堂。晚上,Master Milletti & Odaka team和我們一起晚餐。適逢11月24日是Judy的生日,他們還安排了Surprise Birthday Cake.大家過了一個愉快的晚上。就讓我介紹一下Master Milletti and his team.

The day we arrived Rome is 23 Nov. On that day Master Milletti has arranged massage for us. Thai massage for Dickson and oil massage for Judy. But as the masseuse lady cannot come, and has to change to a man and oil massge requires clothes off, Judy felt too embarrassed to take it and she took Francesca's (Master Milletti's wife) yoga class instead. That night Master Milletti and Odaka team took us to dinner. As 24th Nov is Judy's birthday, they arranged a surprise birthday cake for her. We all spent a happy evening together. Now, let's introduce you to Master Milletti and his team.
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