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52.12 - Flit Whaite | by dichohecho
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52.12 - Flit Whaite

Said in my best New Zealand accent of course.

Apparently they're actually Australian but I associate them with New Zealand since that was where I first heard of them (back in the days when I didn't like coffee). What they really need is to start doing Afghans (see link for explaination).

My Flat White was very strong and not as "smooth" as I'd expected, although I don't know if that's how they're meant to be as the girl was learning to make them. I got a pretty leafy/feathery shape in the top (NZ fern?) anyway and I got it on my Starbucks card (gift voucher) so I'm happy!

This was on Friday afternoon while I was waiting for my friend A and her friend D to arrive. She was supposed to get to Clifton Down at half past two ish but trains and Temple Meads conspired to make her an hour late. I missed my (optional) problems class to pick her up so it was slightly frustrating that I could've actually gone had I known. Oh well. I bought new folders for all my notes (my old ones were pretty ragged), wrote Granny a postcard, and had a look at my Analysis homework.

A came up from Plymouth to see Frank Turner playing at the O2 Academy. We went with some other Bristolly people in a very late and overpriced but necessary (raining) taxi. The gig was really good, the two support bands were quite different (but I didn't catch their names). The first was loud and shouty and the second looked like a load of Canadian lumberjacks! They had a banjo and a double bass :D

I'm rubbish at writing about this sort of thing so I'll just say that FT was VG.

Earlier in the week:

Sunday: Escaped the interesting smelling flat and went out for lunch with flatmates L and W. Tried to have a roast at the Kings Arms but it was too full as it was Mothers' Day, we wandered down Whiteladies Road and eventually ended up in Deco Lounge having burger and breakfast and pie. We played consequences (words and pictures) and generally had a nice time.

Later was taken for a drive out to Chew Valley Lake where there were ducks and geese and moorhens and an ice cream van :)

Tuesday: Went out for a curry and managed to throw my phone (pictured above) into a pint of Kingfisher in an epic fit of specialness. It spent the night on a radiator and was a bit quiet and sticky in the morning but is now back to full working order! Does smell of beer though...

Wednesday: Decided not to go and see Deal Or No Deal. Attempted some Haskell and then went to Photosoc social/general meeting which was nice/fun/happy apart from the mild arguments/bitching about over-exposure...

Later had an early birthday Orange Wednesday pizza (& free doughballs/garlic bread) with 3/5 flatmates plus a friend from home who's also at Bristol and Niall.

Thursday: Fairly unexciting day, then small (mostly computer scientist) early birthday party at my flat/Thekla. One of the CS guys performed the dance from Napoleon Dynamite. Amazing.

As an aside, don't buy cider in Thekla, it was horrid.

Friday: Lectures, lovely CS Tea at Boston Tea Party on Part Street. Then A & D, Frank Turner etc.

Saturday: Deposited A & D in central Bristol then ran away to Bath with flatmates L & K. We wandered around, showed L the sights (K had been before, I know it pretty well) and did a spot of shopping, replacing my black "hug mug" that other flatmate L had broken. We had brunch at BTP and 95p Crepes in the Guildhall market.

Back in Bristol, crossing the downs after our bus, we got thoroughly rained and winded on and were very pleased to reach the warmth of our flat. We had interesting suppers of food left behind by the others (half a cucumber each and most of a packet of tortellini for me :s)

Then we all got on with packing for a while, K even tried to pack herself...

Later on we were rewarded with muffins. Well actually we demanded them, but we clearly deserved them.

Sunday: Actually packed, ate too much scrambled egg, was picked up by Mum and brought home.


And now I'm procrastinating, should be revising Number Theory & Group Theory and Probability.

Writing that out makes me realise I've had a very decadent week. Eeek.

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Taken on March 19, 2010