Vast Regions of Dominio, Museo de Arte Moderno Chiloé, Chile, January-March 2012
"Vast Regions of Domain", 2011
series of 20 digital drawings printed on vinyl scrim banners: surgical diagrams from the 50s and theoretical texts on language and in three languages
48” x 36” and 48” x 36” each banner
Museo de Arte Moderno Chiloé, Castro, Chiloé, Chile, January-March 2012

Although the surgical procedures shown in this work reference the medical profession, my intention is not to allude so much to illness and curing, as to the idea of fixing or repairing by complete removal, elimination or annulment. These mouth, throat and trachea surgeries are the scientific means by which illness, here a metaphor for the foreign, is silenced. The quotes on the back, excised from their contexts of literary theory, are meant to clarify ideas around language and meaning. However, we find ourselves excluded by the foreign languages, not understanding the message the banner is meant to publicise. Michel de Certeau wrote that “knowledge and symbolisms imposed are subject to manipulations on the part of users who are not their fabricators. The language produced by a social category disposes of its power to extend its conquests to the vast regions of their dominion…” (in Paloma Blanco Modos de hacer [Ways of Doing] 396). By employing large banners and the aesthetics of clip art and pop culture, I flirt with overthrowing oppressive social structures and derailing the official culture of the mainstream.
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