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Fats Domino and James Drury Gonsoulin

Fats Domino and James Drury Gonsoulin Dianna Chenevert and Adonica Domino Antoine Domino Jr. and Box (Drummer) at Fats Domino's home. James Drury Gonsoulin and Adonica Domino

Still remaining friends with Fats Domino and his family since the early 1980's, (when Dianna Chenevert owned a booking agency in New Orleans named Omni Attractions)... Dianna Chenevert and her son James Drury Gonsoulin visited the Domino family after Hurricane Katrina to try to encourage them, and brought photo's and some Southern Stars posters, since they had lost everything in the flooding caused by Katrina.

We've kept them in our prayers and they have always had a special place in our hearts.The Domino's treated us like family too, long after I stopped booking entertainers.

I love Fats' daughter Adonica like a sister!

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