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Waiting for the Placenta | by premasagar
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Waiting for the Placenta

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This organ is incredible! The placenta has kept little bubs nourished during his 9-month transit to this world. Some cultures think of it as the child's older sibling.


Once the baby is born, the placenta is released from the womb, which often takes an hour or two after the birth. But today I learned something new...


It is standard practice in Western medicalised childbirth to inject the mother with a hormone, if the placenta is not delivered within an hour or two. There are potential risks with a late delivery of the placenta, if there are signs of excessive bleeding or other complications. However, there are less-discussed, potential problems with injecting the hormone. Left to itself, a placenta may take up to 24 hours to be delivered quite naturally.


We wanted to let Nature lead the way, without drugs. So we waited... and waited. The midwives sent by the hospital to attend the home birth were keen to intervene, despite the lack of any complications. But when their work shift ended and they were replaced by two other midwives, we were given a lot more space and patience.


For ten hours, Roshnii held the baby, still attached to the placenta by his cord. After some initial anxiety, it became quite a magical time. Just holding the baby, feeding him, getting to know him and savouring the cosmic moment.


We'll plant this special placenta under a tree, so that it can carry on nourishing.



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Taken on December 6, 2008