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    1. premasagar 107 months ago

      Only you can know...

    2. Pandiyan 107 months ago

      Ctrl, Alter, Delete?

    3. Devesha 107 months ago

      How strange to see myself on the internet; at a time (the leaving party) when I did not know anyone was watching me. Is this how it feels to be one of those celebrities in OK magazine?

    4. joyrex 106 months ago

      love the navigation in your sets premasagar!

    5. premasagar 105 months ago

      So Phi, so good.

    6. 97 months ago

      many congratulations on marrying a beautiful woman. Gill and I just handfasted again.

    7. mrjorgen 90 months ago

      No way! ;)

    8. mahesh hariani photography 87 months ago

      congrats. on your marriage. wish you a great trip. i admire your style....

    9. premasagar 78 months ago

      Interesting last couple of comments! Very deep and mysterious...
      Indian spambots, eh?

      Thanks to all the humans sharing your slice of reality ;)

      [edit: Looks like they've had their comments deleted and been booted off Flickr]

    10. bnota700 72 months ago

      ..@________________&__WoW ___&_____

      .·°°·.¸.·°®»×¨¨) very n!ce photo (¨¨`׫®°·.¸.·°°·.
      . °°·.¸.·°®» .· .·¨)GoooooooooD(¨`·. `·«®°·.¸.·°°
      . °°·.¸.·°®» .· .·¨)Thaaaaaanks(¨`·. `·«®°·.¸.·°°



    11. TuneFish 69 months ago

      My comment is "No comment".

    12. Pleuntje2010 51 months ago

      Congratulations on marrying such abeautiful woman.

      congrats. on your marriage. wish you a great trip

      Gr, Pleuntje!!.

    13. S3oud 51 months ago

      nice pic
      comment me

    14. tonywan2010 49 months ago

      ok,this is my comment

    15. jon.reid 49 months ago

      Used for my blog post Great new comments on this blog — thanks!

    16. premasagar 38 months ago

      In an ironic twist, I've now restricted the adding of comments to this photo.

      I originally posted this five and a half years ago, and I was hoping to hear people sharing their insights, dreams and inspirational thoughts.

      However, this photo seems to do very well in Google when people search for things like "add comment", and you know who performs a search like that? The cockroaches of the web, the spammers. And this photo has attracted them in wave after wave - people sharing links to crap products and pointless offerings. All the comments remaining on the thread are genuine ones, but I've spent a lot of time logging in to Flickr, deleting spam and blocking users, and it's too much of a time suck. So, thanks to those of you who did share something. If you're one of my Flickr contacts, then you can still comment.

      Prem x

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