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Mr. and Mrs. Tick | by premasagar
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Mr. and Mrs. Tick

I should explain what this is... It is a big female tick, bloated on the blood of a black dog, and a smaller male tick, climbing on for a little intimacy. Those are little red wriggly legs, poking out of the female's fat sack of a body...


I had actually just pulled the fat tick from the black dog's back. You have to unscrew ticks in a clockwise direction because they embed their heads inside the skin, so if you just pull them straight out then the head can break off and remain inside, causing an infection.


I put the tick down on the concrete and then noticed the smaller one, hanging on to its beloved. Strange, huh?


-- I'd originally thought this was a mother and child rather than a mating couple. See Richard Culleton's comment below. --


Is this perhaps the most disgusting portrait subject that I've ever photographed? At least, thinking about the animal's lifestyle just gives me the squirms. But I don't want it to disgust me...


What blows my mind is to contemplate that this creature is the very same Universal Consciousness that is within me, you and everything else in this infinitely rich universe...

Am I able to love and respect it as an expression of Supreme Consciousness?

Am I able to respect the role that this creature plays in the rich drama of this world?


How about you?


Auroville, south India

Journey to the East set

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Taken on April 1, 2006