The Random Project
On September 3 I was with a couple of friends in Brick Lane. It was a Sunday. I enjoy the street market.

By the side of the road some people had a collection of brown paper bags - 'lucky bags' - that they were selling for £3 each.

I thought it was amusing and enterprising so I gave them 3 quid and picked a bag. Taped to the inside was a note explaining that it was part of an art project called The Random Project. It asked the recipient of the bag to photograph the contents and e-mail them a copy. Mine was bag number 49.

I like that the bag was £3. It seems about right. At 50p a lot of people would have taken a bag but I doubt a high percentage would have participated in the project fully. At £5 a lot of people - myself included - would have been put off. The project is better because the people who participated didn't know that's what they were doing when they first put up the cash. What price whimsy? £3.

My bag contained the following:
1. A paperback book by Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. entitled Teach Only Love. The Seven Principles of Attitudinal Healing. He is also the author of the bestselling Love is Letting Go of Fear.

2. A 7" single of Play That Funky Music that has presumably been previously owned by someone called Jane.

3. An empty cardboard giftbox for a CD from Paperchase.

4. A box of 'groovy confetti'

5. A pad of post-it notes branded with the logo of a company called Lyrica Pregabalin

6. A card with 6 used foreign stamps on, each depicting various sporting activities.

7. A pink cardboard box with some ear rings in.

8. A squeezable executive stress toy branded with the company logo:

9. A badge plugging the Random Project. The project relates to 100 words cut out of a Time Out article and then selected by different artists at random. The badge has word 99 on it: noise.

10. A leaflet explaining something about the project. The leaflet has word 42 on it: exclusive.

It's probably best to view these as a slideshow with the speed set to a second or two and watch the items pile up on top of one another.
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