• A star, appearing as a streak, due to the earth's rotation during the 4 minutes that the shutter was open for.


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(4 minute exposure)

I am *really* pleased with this photo.

(Edit: I thought I'd get this up on my wall:

(Edit again: The cottage owners have used it on their website! (with permission, of course))
Another Edit - 2009/01/20
Hi viewers from Digg and digital-photography-school.com

Just to clarify: this is a single exposure, and IS taken on a DSLR camera, along with the camera's own noise reduction to get rid of hot-spots. The same shot as a long exposure on film can be seen here.

Thank you for the views/fave's/comments. I hope it inspires some of you to have a go at some long exposures too - this was, afterall, only my second attempt. :-)

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  1. Dσudé © 73 months ago | reply

    Awesome Taken ;D !

  2. ~Mina~ 69 months ago | reply

    wow I saw this in
    it looks amazing!! specially in large!

  3. panto74 69 months ago | reply

    How did you arrive at the exposure time? Was it a process of trial and error or did you have a pretty good idea to start with? How did the battery fare during this?

  4. Dave Smith 69 months ago | reply

    panto74: It was indeed trial and error (or rather, trial, error and luck), although as it happens, this was only the second attempt (the first attempt is the previous photo in my photo-stream). I then used the exposure time from this photo to calculate an equivalent exposure time for my film camera.

    And yes, long exposures on a cold February night did indeed eat up the battery. I can't remember if I was using it this night, but I have the EOS grip that allows you to run two batteries in parallel, which I have always made use of on long-exposure shoots after this particular night.

  5. camphoto[614] 67 months ago | reply

    Saw this posted on DPS long exp page. Your shot is truely inspiring, one of the best featured. I'm going to try some night shots. Thanks!

  6. منصور الصغير 64 months ago | reply

    Perfect, well composed !

  7. Saskya 62 months ago | reply

    Wow, gorgeous! So welcoming.

    http://creativefan.com/52-stunning-long-exposure-photographs/ (?)

  8. Yan Andre 60 months ago | reply

    wow amazing night shot

  9. hafhaf88 [deleted] 59 months ago | reply


  10. Ram Iyer Photography 55 months ago | reply

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    Please post Adult pictures if any only into our 18+ content under discussions.

  11. gentlesam 52 months ago | reply

    4 minute exposure. woo
    I have to try it now :)

  12. Enliv 51 months ago | reply

    Well done! I like the atmosphere of it.

  13. aldricbaileyphoto 44 months ago | reply

    Boss image bro... Very cool...

  14. Monty-e* 43 months ago | reply

    Definitely a great shot, one to be proud of. :))

  15. trush24 34 months ago | reply

    the best image bro.

  16. strive photography 31 months ago | reply

    this is also on www.smashingapps.com/2009/12/12/45-breathtaking-examples-... just thought you might like to know if you didnt already. brilliant shot.

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