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bandwagons are fun.

this is how i've been feeling lately. kind of blah... my camera has felt like a stranger in my hands and im in need of creativity, inspiration... i should start a charity. if you have any spare creativity, pass some along. it will be put to good use.


well anyway enough with my rambling. i've finally hopped on the 13 things bandwagon. sorry i couldnt find a better picture for it, but its me. and despite the lack of enthusiasm, i actually like this picture. ok i said i was going to stop rambling. lol


here's my 13 things:



i love to laugh :D i don’t know if that’s evident or not from my photos... no probably not. i usually have on serious faces in my sp’s which is funny cause i’m usually the silly one. it doesn’t take very much to make me laugh and that’s usually what i’m doing :p



im kinda talkative. ok that’s an understatement. i love to talk... i used to always get in trouble for that in school. my grades would be on point, but as soon as it got to the comment section, it would be like “danielle’s work is excellent, but she needs to work on not talking so much in class” lol ...i’m kinda long-winded at times and i thank my friends for putting up with my overly-detailed stories and listening past that till i get to the point. lol



sleeping is my favorite pastime. wait that’s probably not true, but i do like to sleep. i’ve never understood people who are content with only getting a few hours of sleep a night. imean, i go to bed late a lot, but i’ll be struggling and if i’m tired, i nap wherever i can. naps at lunchtime in an empty office, in the car, on the train, in the library. lol when i was in college i was not a fan of all-nighters. if it wasn’t done, it jus wasn’t gonna get done till i woke up cuz i need my sleep!



hmmm #3 kind of leads me here. i’m not a morning person. AT ALL i’m actually quite mean in the mornings as my family and friends can attest to. lol but once i get going, i’m pretty friendly :)



i guess i’m jus flowing right along here... i’m a night owl. i usually get a lot done at night and am generally more active at night than in the morning... but this has kind of had to change since i’ve started working. work forces you to be a morning person, even if you clearly are not. i work at the front desk at my job and it’s funny... everybody knows now that i need my morning grace period. i’m good around 10... sometimes 11 and if they come in and i’m all bright and chipper, they’re like “whoa what’s going on here” lol



i don’t like fake people. now i know you’re going to say who does? but really, i kind of have a zero tolerance for people that act one way in your face and you know they really don’t like you. cuz honestly, if i don’t like you, i’m not necessarily going to be a jerk towards you, but i’m not going to go out of my way to be extra friendly either. it’s wasted energy. so i cant stand when other people do it.



i’m a deeply emotional person. sometimes that’s a good thing, and other times it can be kind of bothersome.



i do not easily confide. i have a handful of close friends... well not even a handful. more like 2-3 that i can talk to about anything and i love and cherish them dearly.



i’m the youngest of 4 siblings...well including me. the oldest is my sister latoya 29, then my brother adrian 28, sister joanna 24, and me 20.



i like helping people. i always have. i'm usually that listening ear if you need someone to talk to. and if it's within my power, i will usually do what i can to help you.



i used to hate my eyes. and my forehead. oh and being so light skinned... and so skinny. i was made fun of a lot growing up because of how big my eyes are and even now although i’ve heard from a lot of people that i have pretty eyes, it’s still kind of hard accepting that. oh yea, same thing for me being so skinny and light skinned, and my big ol forehead (you can’t tell in this pic tho, cuz my hair is covering it) lol they used to call me casper around my neighborhood and my sister would get mad at them and fight for me (cuz i wasn’t very clever with any comebacks lol) it’s amazing how you don’t realize the things you deal with when you’re kids really do affect you later on in life. or at least i didn’t.



i don’t really consider myself a photographer or an artist. i dabble and i think of it as a hobby. when you start throwing around words like “photographer” and “artist”, in my mind i’m expecting a higher caliber of work than what i put out. so i don’t consider myself one... yet :)



i love kids. especially my niece and nephew :) but really i just love kids because they're so funny and i love the fact that they're so open at that age and haven't learned to be anyone but themselves :)



aw why not... lol



i was the salutatorian at my high school :) (2nd highest grades after the valedictorian for those who don't know lol) and i gave a speech and sang at graduation :) well i didn't sing because i was the salutatorian, i did cuz i was part of the group of 4girls that was asked to sing... and in reality it just ended up being me and one other girl who carried the song cuz the other two got scared and were singing really low. lol high school was great for me... then real life started. lol


i hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the life of meeee :)

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