World Humanitarian Day 2012
World Humanitarian Day is a chance to celebrate and acknowledge the work of aid workers across the world, often risking their lives for the sake of others. Although World Humanitarian Day lasts for only 24 hours, the work of aid workers responding to natural disasters and food crises does not.

Derek Markwell, one of DFID’s humanitarian programme managers, has spent the last six years responding to humanitarian crises across Africa. From devastating floods to full scale civil war, Derek has witnessed first-hand how innocent lives can be turned upside down when a crisis hits.

Eighteen months ago, Derek was in Niger, where a severe food crisis affected over 3 million people. On World Humanitarian Day 2012 , Niger’s men, women and children are once again battling against the odds to put food on their tables.

However, the people of Niger are not alone in this crisis which has impacted upon the lives of 18 million people across the Sahelien region of West Africa.

Browse this photo set to see the work that humanitarian agencies, along with DFID, are doing to save the lives of those in imminent risk of starvation.

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