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Studying for the chance to become a teacher | by DFID - UK Department for International Development
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Studying for the chance to become a teacher

Daddla Junego, 11 years old, lives in Garhi Haleem village in Sindh, Pakistan, with her mother and 12 other family members in a one room house. She goes to the local school, one of many to have been recently repaired thanks to UK aid following last year's devasting floods.


Temperatures in Garhi Haleem regularly reach up to 52 degree celsius in the summer, cracking the land. Daddla’s school was flooded and then became used as a temporary shelter with up to 50 families living there for several months, causing major damage to the building.


Daddla explains what happened to her:


“We lived in a camp near Sukkur airport for two months after the floods. I don’t have a father, he’s dead, so my brother used to get food for us. I won’t ever forget those chaotic days when we lived in the camp.


"I like very much having drinking water, toilets, and fans at school now. Before, we had none of these. It’s very hot here, so we’re very happy to have drinking water and to get education under the fans. My favourite subject is Sindhi and I want to be a teacher when I grow up.”


An estimated five million school aged children across Pakistan were affected by the floods, with more than 10,000 schools damaged or destroyed by the devastating floods that hit Pakistan last year. Hundreds more were used for months as emergency housing for people who lost their homes in the floods.


Daddla's school is one of 2,000 schools across the flood affected areas which have been repaired thanks to UK aid.


To find out more about how the UK is helping in Pakistan, please visit:


Image credit: Vicki Francis/Department for International Development


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Taken on June 9, 2011