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Dezio Terry zoom | by Dezio one
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Dezio Terry zoom

So this is my part of the big wall that we painted in Huangshi along with Yemen, Read, Terry and Fantc.


Recently I became really bored of my pieces, as you noticed for the past 2 month I havn't really done anything as I had lost a lot of motivation. Was focusing on my canvases and everytime I wanted to go painting it became more of a "I have to because ..." then "I have this idea I want to try ..." My style was becoming more and more generic, simple blocky letters with my scratch illustration effect ontop to make it mine. I had fallen into the trap of working an idea/effect so much that in the end it takes over the piece and you arn't working on your styles anymore. My letters where becoming boring and more or less always the same.


Little by little however I've been trying to go back into a work with my style. Trying to push a different direction, trying to get it so that if I remove the effects from my piece I still get something that I can be happy about, a more personal direction.


I found this one's idea on the train going to Huangshi. I was sketching on blocks of paper along with Yemen, as usual covering pages with scribbles and shit and bunches of throws and slashes ... when I came upon this little combo that kinda fits where I am going. Doodles a bunch of ideas, all not more then 6cm wide, and with those in mind, improvised this one on the wall saturday.


I'm gonna work on this for a while I think, exploring my letters more, and also adding connections, working on combinations and comps ...


Terry did an excelent job with his character, while I worked on the background and the dynamytes.

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Taken on September 9, 2012