Dante' was born 3-20-09, he's a fantastic little dog, bursting with personality & willingness to please! He's such a happy little guy, always smiling :) Dante' weighs 25 lbs of solid muscle! He's got a stocky, cobby body that fits the AKC standard for the breed perfectly with big beautiful bat ears, a big blocky head and super wrinkly face, normal nares and an almost level bite, Dante' has awesome movement & is working in agility & Rally-O now and about to get to work seriously on his AKC championship title. Dante's pedigree is bursting full of AKC champions, BORN IN THE USA from USA lines! NO Imports here!!! No weird colors that aren't accepted by AKC, there is a reason AKC does not recognize these colors (mouse-gray/blue+black diluted gene), black & white (without a trace of brindle) & black & tan (just looks ugly), these colors aren't recognized for a reason because the genes these colors are associated with cause a whole host of health problems and people breeding these weird colors and charging unsuspecting people megabucks for them are NOT good breeders, are not helping the future of the breed and are just ripping people off!!! I won't charge different prices for different colored dogs, color is the least important thing to breed for (colors that are accepted anyway, all other colors are to be avoided), health, temperament, longevity and conformation should all be of equal & upmost importance in any breeders breeding program, breeding should be taken very seriously for you are responsible for each and everyone of the puppies you bring into this world and you are contributing to the overall breed with every puppy it must be taken seriously!
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