Highlights from NPR (Neighborhood Public Radio) at MOCA's Engagment Party. Day 2 of 3

While MOCA generally encourages green transportation, NPR asks that visitors bring their cars to this event. FREE parking will be available in public lot 7; entry is accessible from Judge John Aiso Street.

In Your Car will feature two concurrent sound projects broadcasting on local frequencies, Park Park Revolution and Ping Modulation.

Park Park Revolution will be a composition “played” by cars parked in the lot surrounding the Geffen Contemporary. NPR will divide the Geffen lot into four sections, with each assigned to its own broadcast frequency. Directed into parking spaces, drivers will be instructed to tune in their radios and turn up their volumes to create a quadraphonic matrix of sound.

Under the canopy located at the Geffen entrance, Ping Modulation will pay homage to artist Robert Rauschenberg’s Open Score. For this project, NPR will outfit ping-pong tables with contact microphones and sound processors; as visitors match off in games of table tennis, the noise of their play will be fed to radio broadcasts that will transform their participation into sound art.

Published on May 2, 2011
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