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Truth or Dare

Every day I walk by a Napolean Dynamite poster on the door of the Middle School Minister's office at my church. I've been wanting to make something inspired by it, because it's an admittedly cool poster.


Thus, you have this. You may be thinking- what do quasi-3D buildings, winged unicorns, godzilla, angry thunderclouds and a dog peeing on an electric fence have to with each other, or anything for that matter?


The answer is: I have no idea either. This was one of those projects where I was more going for (hopefully) tasty visuals and a 'huh?' kind of reaction, rather than unmistakably communicating what this particular series is going to be about.


The reality is that 2 people are using the same theme for 2 completely different messages, so it was going to be quite impossible to accommodate them both in this video. So I decided to go this direction. The funny thing is that everyone who has seen it really seems to like it. Go figure.


Also, I've always wanted to use a peeing dog. I have no idea why. And flying unicorns. Again, no idea why.


All the graphics were created in Photoshop CS3 Extended, and animated in Motion 3.

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Uploaded on April 24, 2008