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16 random things about me:


1. i used to sell christmas trees every year when i was a teenager to get money to buy christmas presents.

2. i won an architectural competition when i was 20 and used the prize money to get a tattoo and some piercings.

3. i've was on So Graham Norton in new york telling bad, bad stories.

4. i've never had my heart broken, it's only ever been left in the care of good men.

5. i used to show Newfoundland dogs and be honerary secretary for the newfoundland club of ireland.

6. when i was 8 i programmed my computer to have conversations with me and then made it say rude words.

7. i lost my mum on christmas eve when i was 17.

8. after knowing her for 25 years, i get to be bridesmaid for my friend in three weeks and i am so proud of the woman she's become.

9. i sold my first photo two weeks ago.

10. i don't remember peoples faces or names, but i always remember buildings i've been in or seen.

11. i don't own any plain coloured socks or underwear.

12. the idea of vast open spaces with no man-made structures scares me.

13. i'm allergic to garlic.

14. i got beaten up at school when i was 5 for correcting the grammar of an older boy.

15. i've waltzed at the rathaus in vienna on new years eve to fireworks and mozart.

16. my dad calls me ea

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Taken on December 28, 2008